Workmate Large Tool Box Y-350

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Keep your creative supplies organized and close at hand with the Workmate Y-350 Large Tool Box! This storage container is made from sturdy materials and is perfect for the budding artist or craftsman. With enough space to fit all of your creative tools, this tool box is sure to become your right-hand man! Craft, fix, and store with confidence!

This is the Y-350 style and is pressed from a single steel plate with camber-top lid so you could store a taller item.Each WORKMATE toolbox arrives in a "Durable and Long Lasting" (it's written in Japanese!) cardboard package, straight from Osaka. 

Dimension: (W)14.7" x (H)4.9" x (D)6.5" 
Material: Matte Steel 
Weight: 2.8 lbs