Pentel Oil Pastels

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Pentel Oil Pastels provide brilliant colours that apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades and tints. Perfect for use on paper, board or canvas, they offer smooth, vivid coverage. Their acid-free composition makes them ideal for artists of all ages, and their resistance to humidity ensures long-lasting drawings.


Set of 36Includes one each of White, Green, Yellow Green, Cobalt Blue, Pale Blue, Black, Gray, Brown, Red, Orange, Pale Orange, Lime Yellow, Ultramarine, Pink, Van Dyke Brown, Yellow Ochre, Deep Green, Green Gray, Prussian Blue, Purple, Old Rose, Pale Brown, Vermilion, Yellow Orange, Chrome Yellow, Pale Green, Blue Green, Ultramarine Light, Violet, Hyacinth Violet, Crimson Lake, Yellow Gray, Gray 2, Ochre, Pale Vermilion, and Salmon Pink.


Set of 50Includes one each of Naples Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Chrome Yellow, Orange, Yellow Orange, Pale Orange 1, Pale Orange 2, Salmon Pink, Pale Vermilion, Pink, Rose Madder, Vermilion, Blue Green, Red, Deep Green, Hyacinth Violet, Purple, Violet, Pale Brown, Yellow Ochre, Brown, Dark Carmine, Indian Red, Vandyke Brown, Pale Green, Olive Green, Green, Crimson Lake, Dark Green, Pale Blue, Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Light, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue 1, Prussian Blue 2, Yellow Grey, Grey 1, Grey 2, Grey 3, Grey 4, Black, Scarlet, Green Grey, Old Rose, Ochre, Yellow Green, and two White.