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Non-toxic, water-based POSCA paint markers can be used on almost any surface, and are loved by professionals, creative hobbyists and amateurs alike. The alcohol and solvent-free opaque paint covers well, is blendable, dries quickly and can be overlaid when dry. ACMI certified and made in Japan.

8-Color PC-5M Medium Soft Colours Set: white, sunshine yellow, apricot, light pink, lavender, light blue, aqua green and coral pink.

8-Color PC-5M Medium Dark Colours Set: deep gray, english green, ruby red, Prussian blue, ochre, cacao brown, white and raspberry

8-Color PC-5M Earth Tone Set: grey, ivory, ochre, emerald green, khaki green, English green, navy blue and brown

8-Color PC-5M Warm Tone Set: beige, apricot, ochre, bright yellow, ruby red, dark red and cacao brown.

8-Color PC-5M Cool Tone Set: grey, emerald green, light blue, aqua green, sky blue, blue, prussian blue and navy blue