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Posca Paint Marker, Black, X-Broad Chisel Tip (15mm)

This POSCA marker is highly pigmented markers contain water-based acrylic paint that is non-toxic, lightfast, and waterproof. The alcohol-and-solvent-free opaque paints are blendable when the paint is wet, allowing you to mix colors with a brush or the marker tip. You can also mix or dilute the water-soluble marker paint with water to create a gradient effect. Thanks to its fast-drying time, you can layer dark colors over light colors or even bright colors over dark colors.

  • Brand: UNI-POSCA
  • Black, X-Broad Tip Marker
  • 15mm, Tip
  • Water-soluble, Non-toxic, alcohol-free, lightfast pigmented paints
  • Paint is highly opaque, quick drying and blendable when wet
  • Water-based markers with stable pigments that can be applied to all materials
  • Blending and layering colors
  • Stable pigments that can be applied to all materials
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Wood, fabrics, glass, ceramic, plastic
  • Permanent on porous surfaces
  • POSCA's paint is water-based, odorless, made without alcohol or solvents and ACMI certified