Farber-Castell Watercolor Pencils

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Created for students and hobby artists, Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils are fully watersoluble. Use them dry, then wash over pencil marks with a wet brush to transform colored pencil drawings into watercolor paintings. The highly pigmented 3.3 mm cores are soft yet very break-resistant. These watercolor pencils offer good color laydown, optimum opacity, and a high degree of lightfastness. Made in Germany, Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils are available individually or in sets, which come packaged in sturdy tins.

Set of 12, Pastels - Includes Pastel Chrome Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pastel Scarlet Red, Pastel Magenta, Pastel Madder, Pastel Pthalo Blue, Pastel Sky Blue, Pastel Pthalo Green, Perm Green, Pastel May Green, Pastel Sepia, and Pastel Umber.