Loom - Eye/ Circle

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"Eye do" indeed. We've designed one of our favorite shapes, the eye, into a weaving loom. This patent-pending loom can weave a classic eye as well as round, semi-circle and almond shapes in a variety of colors. Make it what you want and when you're finished, you can keep it on or take it off the loom

This loom is versatile, fun and totally crafty. It's perfect for helping you use up your yarn scrap stash too. This design was inspired by a trip to Turkey, the eye/nazar/evil eye is a ubiquitous part of a rich history. We love them! Patent-pending.

USE: Weaving an Eye or Round Shapes

HOW TO WEAVE AN EYE: Video (all how-to videos at YouTube.com/TheLoome) 

Size: 5" H x 8.6" W (12.7 cm H x 21.8 cm W) Weight: 1 oz Material: Bamboo Origin: USA Inspirations: Instagram & Pinterest