Cork Stairs Black and White Notebook

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A5 handmade notebook (143x210mm) highly customizable dot grid pages no bleeding. no ghosting. natural materials 100% vegan innovative, high quality FSC paper made in EU choose from 5 options: white 240 pages (135gsm) black 240 pages (120gsm) black&white - 120 pages white + 120 pages black (135gsm + 120gsm) white&white – 2 separate white 120 pages booklets (135gsm) black&black – 2 separate black 120 pages booklets (120gsm) stairs, the way they are depicted on this notebook cover, is similar to how architects draw them in elevation plans. just imagine a staircase on the outside of the building, where the railing is the only thing you see – that’s where the inspiration comes from.